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Owners Corporation

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The role of a BFG Owners Corporation manager

BFG Owners Corporation managers are professionals responsible for the administration of Owners Corporations charged with the responsibility to maintain buildings and common areas within an Owners Corporation.

Managers that are specialists in their field, BFG Asset Management possess the knowledge and skill to administer the owners corporation in accordance with the complex requirements of the Victorian legislation to achieve consensus in decision making and to otherwise assist property developers and home unit owners by taking on some of the difficult responsibilities.




  • Establish and operate a bank account in the name of the Owners Corporation
  • Keep books of accounts covering all income and expenditure and assets and liabilities of the owners corporation
  • Prepare annual financial statements of all income and expenditure and assets and liabilities of the owners corporation (the annual accounts)
  • Issue notices for fees set and special fees levied by the Owners Corporation
  • Pay invoices and insurance premiums on behalf of the Owners Corporation
  • Reconciliation of bank account


Annual General Meeting

  • Attend annual general meetings held during office hours at the manager's office or at another place agreed between the owners corporation and the manager.
  • Convene, attend, submit a budget and financial statements & record minutes of the annual general meeting
  • Submit a report of the managers activities to each annual general meeting


Building Maintenance

  • Arrange for repairs and maintenance of Owners Corporation property



  • Maintain roll of owners names and addresses
  • Maintain the register of the Owners Corporation
  • Issue all Owners Corporation certificates
  • Deal with routine inwards and outwards correspondence
  • Keep and supervise the use of the common seal (stamp)
  • Keep the records of the Owners Corporation including minutes and postal ballots



  • Provide guidance to the Owners Corporation to enable the Owners Corporation to carry out and perform its duties and functions as set out above


The BFG Point of Difference

  • Highly qualified to provide correct advice on procedures of property maintenance.
  • Developing Strategies to future plan for Building Asset Management requirements.
  • A holistic approach, allowing you to maximise fully on your investment.
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